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ELLE Eyewear

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The ELLE Eyeglasses Eyewear collection is feminine, sexy, and fun – the complete fashion accessory. Perfect for the woman seeking a metropolitan, sophisticated look, or just an extra accessory for any event. ¬†This brand ¬†has all a customer needs with [...]

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Important Eye Care Tips

About 20 percent of Americans in need of vision correction wear contact lenses. They can thank Leonardo da Vinci for the concept, as he first came up with the idea in 1508. But what da Vinci did not know was that if you do not take care of your eyes and your contact lenses, they [...]

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Nike MAXSIGHT Contact Lenses

Before the invention of Nike contact lenses, the only way athletes could block the sun from their eyes was through sunglasses. This in itself was very inconvenient, especially for sports requiring a lot of running or jumping movement. There was always the potential that the sunglasses could come off and/or get scratched while the athlete [...]

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Basic Info on Sportwear Eyeglasses

Sportswear eyeglasses refer to those safety goggles worn by people when participating in sports. They have functions of safety, protection, comfort and beauty. To achieve all those functions, requirements on both lenses and frames are necessary.

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Nicole Miller New York Eyeglasses

Get top quality fashion eyeglasses that suit your mood. Not only is Nicole Miller a top designer for clothing but now for eyeglasses too. Whether you are working through your business day, with a sophisticated look, or going out on the town to be noticed perhaps by that special someone we have an expansive collection [...]

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