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Umbro Eyewear

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!There are many more designs so be sure to come see our great selection.For nearly eighty years, Umbro has been the world’s leading authority on the soccer field.  Now part of Nike, the Umbro brand continues its pursuit of performance, [...]

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How Effective Vision Care Can Protect Your Child’s Eyesight

Effective vision care to protect your child’s eyesight should begin in the womb. It is common practice for women to take a 400mg supplement of folic acid daily during pregnancy to help avoid the risk of spina bifida in their infant.

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Bifocal Sunglasses Are Widely Used

For people who wear bifocal eyeglasses and need protection from the sunlight and harmful UV radiations in hot summer day, there are the bifocal sunglasses. The bifocal sunglasses offer you the reading and up close viewing ability to reduce the sun glare and added visibility outdoors. They are widely used in most areas.

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Jonathan Cate- Prescription Sunglasses

Jonathan Cates  mission since their  inception is to provide designer eyewear, sunwear, apparel and accessories at an affordable price to the customer.

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Colored Lenses- An Overview

Transformations and technical improvements in quality, look, and feel are what contacts have gone through and in the 1950s, they were first developed as hard glass lenses. Today, with the modern advancements of disposable lenses and toric lenses, more and more people are changing from spectacles and enjoying the benefits of corrective eye lenses.

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