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Cynthia Rowley Eyewear

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Cynthia Rowley’s Eyewear captures her clever, bold and above all fun sense of style. Cutting edge technology brings innovative design inspiration for color, detail stone and crystal treatments and CNC engraving. Wit, originality and charm put these [...]

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Eyeglass Frame Materials-

Eyeglasses frames can be made from a huge variety of materials. While most of them falls into the categories of plastic and metal, there are always some exceptions that can be classified as unusual frame materials. Because each type has its own unique strengths and drawbacks, it’s important to know something [...]

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Eye Care Tips- Your Eyes Are Precious!

The eyes are known to be the most important parts of our body. Living without the sense of sight is one of the most difficult things that a person can go through. Eye care is very important if you want to maintain proper eyesight. There are various ways in which you can [...]

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Stride Rite Eyewear

When you think of the best brand of shoes for your child what name comes to mind? I bet 99% of you said Stride Rite. This brand is a staple name in any household that has kids. Now they are also making eyewear.
At school or on the playground, Stride Rite eyewear covers a child’s eyes [...]

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Nodoka Eyewear

Artsy yet sophisticated. …………… Japan inspired…….. peaceful……… serene.  These are the words that describe Nodoka Eyewear.

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Night Vision Glasses Are Very Helpful In Night Driving

Night vision glasses are very essential during night time driving as sometimes there are many unavoidable situations when you need to drive and no matter what vehicle you are driving there is always chances of dangers in driving at night.

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Are You a Diva?

Diva. The image we hold of such a figure is that of a spectacular entertainer with beauty, class, and confidence.

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Marchon Airlock Eyewear


Marchon introduced the revolutionary Airlock Drill Mount Collection in 2001, taking the industry by storm. Fast forward to today’s modern design sensibilities and you’ll see that Airlock has more than kept up with the times. Every Airlock style is unique- the collection features a wide array of shapes, colors and materials for men and women. [...]

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Sumer Eye Care

Its hot outside now and we are all in the sun more than usual and need to remember that our eyes are important. I found this article in OakLeaf Medical Networks Healthy Viewpoints and thought it was a great article written by Siobhan Beeksma, OD. I wanted to share it with you all. Be sure to [...]

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Umbro Eyewear

There are many more designs so be sure to come see our great selection.For nearly eighty years, Umbro has been the world’s leading authority on the soccer field.  Now part of Nike, the Umbro brand continues its pursuit of performance, design and quality. Constructed for off-the field wear, these frames offers strong lines, vibrant accents and [...]

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