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Crizal Avance UV

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Crizal Avancé UV™ lenses – The most significant breakthrough in scratch resistance, now with the most complete daily UV protection.
Crizal Avancé UV features all the benefits of Crizal Alizé UV plus the best durability and scratch resistance. And it not [...]

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Varilux Comfort Lenses

Setting the standard for natural progressive vision, the worlds most popular premium progressive lens
The most recommended, best-selling premium progressive addition lens (PAL) of all time, Varilux Comfort® lenses are the gold standard by which all progressive lenses are judged. More than 100 million pairs have been dispensed!
Natural progressive vision made easy
Varilux Comfort lenses give you:

Uncompromised [...]

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Crizal Technology

Crizal Technology
When it comes to anti-reflective lenses, perfect integration of hard coating, anti-reflective and hydrophobic topcoat means a stronger bond. And a stronger bond means long-lasting durability. Crizal lenses are a complete system, integrating the anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and hydrophobic layers into the lens. The layers and the lens become one. [...]

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Cynthia Rowley Eyewear

Cynthia Rowley’s Eyewear captures her clever, bold and above all fun sense of style. Cutting edge technology brings innovative design inspiration for color, detail stone and crystal treatments and CNC engraving. Wit, originality and charm put these frames on fashion’s cutting edge. Frames feature a 3-year warranty.
Check out some of the [...]

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Police Eyewear~

Well known for its daring Sunglasses Police eyewear eyeglasses features a wide array of fashion wrap models and masculine RXable styles. The Police eyewear eyeglasses collection is often augmented by such design features as Mirror and Polarized lenses, Swarovski Crystals, and Police’s signature “Gothic P” logo. In the past 10 years, [...]

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Lasik and Children

Lasik and Children
Author: Patricia Woloch
LASIK (Laser-Assisted in SItu Keratomileusis) is a safe and effective procedure approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use on adults aged 18 or older. However, it is not approved for children, and it is not likely to be in the near future. To understand why, let us briefly [...]

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Stride Rite Eyewear

When you think of the best brand of shoes for your child what name comes to mind? I bet 99% of you said Stride Rite. This brand is a staple name in any household that has kids. Now they are also making eyewear.
At school or on the playground, Stride Rite eyewear covers a child’s eyes [...]

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Nodoka Eyewear

Artsy yet sophisticated. …………… Japan inspired…….. peaceful……… serene.  These are the words that describe Nodoka Eyewear.

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Night Vision Glasses Are Very Helpful In Night Driving

Night vision glasses are very essential during night time driving as sometimes there are many unavoidable situations when you need to drive and no matter what vehicle you are driving there is always chances of dangers in driving at night.

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Are You a Diva?

Diva. The image we hold of such a figure is that of a spectacular entertainer with beauty, class, and confidence.

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