Pediatric Eye Care

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Eye care should be started since childhood and it is never too early to begin to do pediatric eye care.

Actually, emotional disturbances play a vital role in ruining a child’s eyesight, so parents should give a sense of security to their child and should pay more attention to the child’s feeling. A report given by Dr. James C. Maloney says that the reason why the a child can undergo so much fears and attacks during his childhood may be mainly due to the direct contacts with his mother, who gives him a sensation of complete security.

Bad reading habits may be the beginning of eyesight weakness. In the past years, both the teachers and parents taught the children how to read and emphasized more on the knowledge itself, without paying attention to the physical process of reading, like the reading posture. In fact, our education is centered to knowledge exclusively that the correct body habits have been sacrificed. Then we should not do the foolish thing again. Teach the children or students the right reading method as follows. The book should be held about 12 to 14 inches away from eyes. The light should be appropriate, neither too strong nor too weak. You are required to stop frowning, screwing up eyes and narrowing lids while reading. You can try to tell your child like this “let me see you how you are reading” instead of the saying “let me hear you reading your lessons”. It is a good start to do pediatric eye care by teaching them how to use eyes in a right way when doing readings.

A momentary refractive error is often caused by looking at unfamiliar objects. As the children are curious about everything nearby, they may stare at an object for quite a long time without blinking which is not good for their eyesight. The first year in school is dangerous for children’s eyesight because exposure to new objects, new ideas, new concepts and new words lead to refractive errors frequently. The problem may also be caused by the strains that come along with a fear of teachers, or doing a poor work, or being unable to understand well, or cannot see the words on the blackboard clearly. These will all give a rise to muscular tensions. So parents can teach their child to relieve the strain by looking at the familiar objects, or they can ask the child to blink naturally and to shift focus from far to near. These eye exercises are quite effective to relief strain on eyes and brain, thus keeping good eyesight.

Parents can set up an eye test chart at home, so the child can do periodical eye test conveniently. The test can be done as follows. First with one eye covered, then with the other. In that case, the vision can be tested regularly and it is possible to keep the child’s vision normal.

Teach the children on the value of eyes and tell them how to use and how to protect eyes on each occasion. Teach them how to indentify whether their eyes are in good condition or not, so they can detect any abnormal condition at the start. Parents should be responsible for children’s eyesight and an intelligent and well-disciplined can guarantee the children’s eyes to be healthy all their lives.

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