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Contact Lenses

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Whoever says contact lenses are solely for corrective purposes is definitely misinformed. Special-effect contact lenses are available for theatrical use, costume enhancement and novelty purposes. Other than being used for movies and theaters, costume contact lens is a big hit during Halloween. Even though you do not use eyeglasses or contact lenses, you may be able to use special-effect contact lenses. These lenses could come with or without prescribed corrections.

Even though these special-effect lenses are made for fun or novelty purposes, one must still seek professional advice for proper fitting. These lenses are still medical devices so those who would want to use them must get contact lens prescription to avoid eye infections which might be caused if lenses are not properly fitted or taken care of. Special-effect contact lenses, like any other lenses, must be well cleaned and disinfected. These must not also be shared or swapped with other people because this might lead to infection. Improper use or handling may cause blindness.

Most common examples of costume contact lenses are the wild eyes brand. Some designs included in the wild eyes brand are the Ice fire, Wild fire, Zoomin’, Jaguar, Zebra, Cat eye, Knock-out, Black-out, Red-hot, White-out and Hypnotic.

The Ice fire contact lens has a white four-point star design as its center while the rest of the cornea is blue. Wild fire design, as the name suggests, resembles a fire –like image and color for the corneal area. The Zoomin’ design will remind you of a blue propeller with black corneal background. If you would want to have eyes like that of a real jaguar, then you must use the wild eye Jaguar design.

The Zebra design resembles the skin of the zebra, having black and white stripes. The Cat eye will really give you the mysterious and striking eyes of a cat. The Cat eye design can also be used to portray other animals. Your eyes will resemble a white area with a black “X” mark when you use the Knock-out design. The Black-out, Red-hot and White-out designs will give you a black center and a grayish, red or white cornea, respectively. The Hypnotic contact lens has a spiral design in the corneal area. These special-effect contact lenses will greatly enhance costumes.

One must buy special-effect lenses from eye care professionals and authorized sources. Never buy lenses from flea markets because they might not be safe for you to use. You must also be reminded that special-effect lenses are made from materials which are not suitable for overnight use.

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