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Converse Eyewear

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What is one brand that has been around forever and changes to keep up with the evolution of style? CONVERSE.

Converse appeals to young and stylish people with their unique and distinctive designs. They skillfully combine trendy, outrageous and classic elements to produce true Converse fashion. They are famous for their strength and clarity of design. Because of its young, style conscious demographic, it’s important that Converse Eyewear Eyeglasses stays current with fashion trends, but also stays true to some of the more classic elements of the Converse brand that have made it successful for so many years.

Check out some of our newest frames.

CONVERSE ALL-STAR BACKSPIN- Are you into sports? Maybe into music? These frames are the perfect all around for any trendsetter.

CONVERSE BELIEVE ALTERNATIVE FIT- Want to stand out a little bit and tired of the same neutral colors most frames come in? This plum color enhances features and brightens your appearance.

CONVERSE MAYHEM- If you can’t decide if you want rims or no rimless, here is the alternative. ┬áSemi-rimless…. see there is something for everyone.

CONVERSE ROCK STEADY- Fashionable and trendy and great for daily wear. These are perfect accentuate any outfit.

CONVERSE TURMOIL- If you are the undercover cool boss at work, this is your frame. They look professional for the workplace and great for going out as well.

Come check out all of our frames at www.rxframesnlenses.com

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