Crizal Anti-Reflective Coating

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The first Essilor treatments appeared in 1967 on mineral lenses.

In 1992, the launch of Crizal revolutionized the universe of treatments on organic lenses, providing a genuine efficiency against scratches and smudges.

Since then, the Crizal range is constantly evolving thanks to the most recent advanced technologies. Our aim is to satisfy the first need of wearers: clarity of vision.

Crizal key dates

- 1992: Creation of the Crizal treatment
- 2003: Introduction of Crizal Alizé, offering drastically improved smudge resistance efficiency
- 2006: Introduction of Crizal A2, with antistatic properties to repel dust.
- 2007: Launch of Crizal Sun, the first anti-reflective lens specifically developped for sunwear.
- 2009: Launch of Crizal Forte, the most advanced anti-reflective lens on the market with unequalled scratch resistance and water repellence.
- 2010: Launches of Crizal Easy & Crizal Alizé+, for a complete range of super smudge resistance lenses.

An uncoated lens can reflect as much as 20% of the light that passes through it.  The inner and outer surfaces of the lens on both the front and back of the lens will reflect light.  For the wearer of the lens, reflection from the back of the lens can interfere dramatically with vision.  At night for example, I can see the reflection of my eye in my lenses while driving if I wear an uncoated lens.  A coated lens on the other hand passes 99.9% of the light through the lens.  To the wearer of the lens, the lens becomes nearly invisible and free of annoying glare.  This visual benefit is the single most important factor that influences my love of AR Coatings.  If there were no other benefits, the coating would be worth it for that reason alone.  But there are SO many more benefits to wearing the right AR Coating.

Here are the benefits of the coating we use, Crizal’s Avance with Scotchguard:

Vision–Anti Glare Coatings make the lenses invisible to the wearer.

Cosmetics–To the observer, the wearer’s eyes become visible instead of being hidden behind a wall of glare.

Easy to keep clean–repels dust, smudges, oil, water, fingerprints better than any coating on the market.

Durable–Nearly as hard as glass to scratch

More than 260 million Crizal-treated lenses have been sold worldwide since the product was launched in 1992. In fact, the satisfaction rate of the latest generation of Crizal lenses was above 90%*. 
Why not join the ranks? Choose Crizal to live life in the clear!

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