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Crizal Technology

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Crizal Technology
When it comes to anti-reflective lenses, perfect integration of hard coating, anti-reflective and hydrophobic topcoat means a stronger bond. And a stronger bond means long-lasting durability. Crizal lenses are a complete system, integrating the anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and hydrophobic layers into the lens. The layers and the lens become one. The rigorous process provides crystal-clear vision, with no cracking and peeling: The key to this performance is that the components are perfectly matched, so they fuse together into the lens to provide unsurpassed performance and durability.

Patient benefits

Better Looks
Now you can make lenses seem invisible, Crizal eliminates reflections that obscure the eyes. So Crizal lenses are invisible and their frames will look their best.

Better vision
Crizal stops the reflections on front and back surfaces causing annoying distractions that make it more difficult to see and add to eyestrain.
Driving comfort and computer use are enhanced by reducing glare occurring in these activities.
Crizal reduces glare and increases light transmission to 99%.
This improves general vision especially for high index lenses and transitions that transmit less light.

Ultimate durability

Crizal protection is chemically engineered for the strongest and longest-lasting bond possible. The unique two-sided scratch resistant is fused into the lens virtually eliminating peeling and virtually all scratching.

Essilor of America, Inc. has teamed with 3M Company to debut a state-of-the-art lens, Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector, the Anti-Reflective lens that’s made to stay clean. This exciting new generation of Crizal® lenses offers customers an unprecedented level of lens performance, cleanability and clarity.

Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector lenses offer patients the best available AR technology by combining the dramatically improved cleanability of the super-hydrophobic topcoat with the industry-leading, anti-reflective, cleanability and durability benefits of Crizal Alizé with Clear Guard™ lenses along with the unmatched protection of Scotchgard Protector.

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