Sunglasses For Sports- Choosing The Optimal Lense Color

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In sports eyewear, there is no such thing as an all-purpose lens.  For each sport there is an optimal lens colors.

Golfers need lenses to enhance vision to enable them to better read the green and to also contrast the ball against the green and the sky.  Copper-colored lenses are an excellent choice because they improve depth perception and make the contours of the ground more distinct. Violet lenses are helpful finding the ball in the rough.

Tennis requires using a blue or green tint to allow the blue wavelengths to pass through the lens, highlighting the background and enhancing the contrast with the yellow ball.

The most useful colors for hunting are yellow or amber to light up the viewing area along with providing contrast.

The cyclist or inline skater should use a mirror to reduce reflections. High-contrast browns and coppers will enhance the perception of the road or track surfaces in bright light.  Yellow is most effective in limited light conditions and is superior in contrast enhancement.

Polarization is the greatest asset for water sports; neutral gray works well for boaters and fishermen alike. Gray lenses enhance dark fish and are best for deep water fishing. Amber lenses accentuate sandy bottoms of shallow water. Brown lenses bring out grassy water bottoms. Yellow is the most effective in low light or highly overcast situations.

Browns, coppers, and ambers will aid the snow skier or snow boarder in observing the changing contours and textures of the snow’s surface. Oranges and red work well on overcast days. Mirror coatings are also effective because they limit glare.

Are you using the right color sunglasses for your sport?

By Joann M Thompson ABOC

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