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Erin S.

Jul 26, 2021

Hi Dan,

I wanted to let you know that both eyeglasses have arrived and are perfect. My son is very happy with them.

I want to thank you for your outstanding customer service and your kindness and patience with us. You went above and beyond.

I will recommend your company to others and continue using you for us as well.

Many thanks again,

Erin S., Falls Church, VA.
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Tom M.

Jun 11, 2021

Hi Sarah
Well just writing to tell you thanks for all the help in answering my questions with regards to getting my glasses, especially the Varilux Comfort W2+ lens selection. They were also a perfect fit right out of the case. They were a tremendous improvement over the old set even with the eye that had 4 operations. The four-point squaring was done extremely well, and if they have to be tweaked slightly they have a great baseline configuration as a starting point.
If you have a say, please maintain the Perry Ellis PE382 frames in your inventory. They are built very well. Also, I must state again I could care less about having a name attached. Whoever this Perry Ellis guy is, I hope he does not demand much of royalty.

Thanks again my friend
Tom M.
Fall River, MA

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Julie R.

Apr 26, 2021

Dear Dan;
I just received my glasses and they are PERFECT! I have worn Jenna frames for I don\'t know how many years. They are my all time favorite frames. My original ones were burgundy and are starting to look a little worn. I was really glad to find them available online! I also ordered some new glasses from my optometrist\'s office, and some driving glasses from an online only company. Neither are as high quality as the glasses from your company! I had even been wondering if my prescription was correct because it was taking me so long to adjust to my new prescription! Well, it\'s not the prescription because I can see just fine with my glasses from your company!

Thank you again for your diligence in getting these to me in such a timely manner. You really went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and I couldn\'t be more pleased with my new glasses!

Julie K., Anchorage, AK.

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Bonnie K.

Feb 15, 2021

Good Morning Sarah,
I received my glasses last Monday, February 8th. I have worn them for a week and am extremely happy. The transition was virtually seamless from my old pair. I just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions and making a pair of glasses that I can use comfortably. I am not sure how much is related to the lenses, but the clarity and the comfort in very bright light situations(snow and bright sun outside) has been wonderful. Even the transition from near to far has been very smooth and clear.
Your website was very helpful with explaining what types of lenses are available and helped me to choose what I thought would work best. I did not realize how many options were available. Anytime I asked about glasses locally I was quoted a \"package\" that just had the label Varilux Comfort. Thank you for your patience and your wonderful customer service.

Bonnie K., Little Valley, NY

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Pete M.

Feb 9, 2021

Dan, I am a bit late with this reply but wanted to be sure the glasses were everything I expected.
They were perfect in every way and I wanted to send you a big thanks for the help you provided.
I will be sure to recommend your firm to my friends.
I also hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years. Hope 2021 turns out to be a good one.

Thanks Again,

Pete M., Mission Viejo, CA.

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Christine K.

Dec 29, 2020

Thank you so much for helping me with my frame order. I received them and was able to put my lenses in. You saved me from having to buy new lenses.

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year.

Christine K., Goodyear, AZ.
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Joan T.

Nov 12, 2020

Dear Dan,
Thank you and your company for doing a beautiful job on my lenses.
Joanne T., Sunny Isles Beach, FL.
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Gary J.

Oct 8, 2020

Thank you Frames N Lenses,, the frames have been delivered to me,, they are exactly what I wanted,, AND I am very happy with the good quality and great service. Thank You again!!
Gary J., St. James, MO
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David Wilson

Sep 11, 2020

I have had an emergency issue where I needed a replacement frame. This has occurred twice. I could not get a replacement frame locally. This company and its staff have been so helpful, resourceful and responsive. Highly recommended. Wonderful customer service and awesome sales support.
Waterloo Ontario Canada
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Roger J.

Aug 27, 2020

Just wanted to let you know glasses fit perfectly and vision perfect too! Thanks again.
Roger J., Olympia, WA.

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