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Lens Replacement


Do you have a great pair of eyeglasses that need their lenses updated or replaced?

Our eyeglass lens replacement service makes ordering new replacement lenses for your favorite eyeglass, sunglass, sports or safety frame easy and very affordable. You have several choices of replacement lenses, which include single vision, progressive lenses, bi-focal and computer lenses from top name brands you know and trust.

We offer the Best Prices online for Varilux Progressive Lenses From $139.00 a Pair. Varilux Comfort, Varilux Physio, Varilux X, Transitions, Crizal Anti-Reflective coatings, DriveWear lenses and more. Legacy Digital Progressive lenses from $62.00 a pair, Simply follow the steps below to place your online order. If you need help buying a pair of replacement lenses or would like our professional input, please feel free to email or give us a call. or 1-866-282-4363

           3 Simple steps. It's that easy.

    How To Order:

    1.) Choose the frame type that you will send us from the four below.
    2.) Choose a lens type and options
    3.) Checkout and mail your frame                                                                                                                                                     

Mail To:  Rx Frames N Lenses Ltd.
                6539 Harrison Ave. #303

                Cincinnati, OH. 45247                                              

      Getting Started is easy, choose your frame type, Full Rim, Semi-Rimless or Rimless and continue    Helpful Information

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