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Diva Sunwear Sunglasses
Diva. The image we hold of such a figure is that of a spectacular entertainer with beauty, class, and confidence. Although we often see our favorite female performers in this light, today’s woman also possesses these striking qualities. Such a dynamic and intriguing woman wishes her eyewear eyeglasses to bring forth these enticing traits. DIVA Eyewear Eyeglasses not only embodies these traits, it accentuates them. The DIVA Eyewear Eyeglasses Collection is for the upscale, confident woman who is comfortable with her sensuality.

Diva Sunwear

Diva DI4188 (Sun)
Diva DI4188 (Sun)
Low Prices Everyday

Free Shipping: $240.00

Diva DI4202 (Sun)
Diva DI4202 (Sun)
Low Prices Everyday

Free Shipping: $280.00

Diva DI4203 (Sun)
Diva DI4203 (Sun)
Low Prices Everyday

Free Shipping: $280.00

Diva DI4204 (Sun)
Diva DI4204 (Sun)
Low Prices Everyday

Free Shipping: $280.00

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