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Bulova Eyewear Rye

Bulova Eyewear Rye

Eyewear By ROI
SKU SKU333207
Gender Male
Age group Adult
Material Metal
Style: Rimless
Size more info

To determine your frame size, first look inside your current eyeglass frame and you will find numbers on the bridge or earpiece. If you cannot find your frame size, simply print this page and use our millimeter ruler to measure your frame. Note: There is an acceptable deviation of 2mm in these measurements. Therefore, you do not have to be exact.

If you do not have a millimeter ruler, you can print a very accurate, disposable paper ruler. Simply click here to open the PDF containing a disposable paper ruler, and please disable any "shrink to fit" options on your printer.

Eye Bridge Vertical Temple
55 19 31 140

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ADD Frame Only, No Prescription Lenses

ADD Distance, Reading or Single Vision Lenses

ADD Progressive No Line, Or Lined Bifocal, Trifocal Lenses

Bulova Eyewear Rye

Bulova Eyewear Eyeglasses The Bulova name is well known for it's quality watches, accessories and eyeglass frames. Quality, comfort and style are redefined in the Bulova eyewear eyeglasses collection.

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