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Crizal A/R Coatings


About Anti-Reflective Coatings
Anti-Reflective coatings help reduce or eliminate glare and allow more light to pass through the lens to your eyes
allowing your eyes to be more clear eliminating the glare and giving you clearer sharper vision. People looking at you

will see your eyes not a glare, giving you a more attractive pair of eyeglasses.

Anti-Reflective coatings are ideal for night driving reducing the glare of lights and oncoming headlights and reducing
eye strain from computer screen glare and reading. Most AR coatings have a very hard surface making them hard
and very scratch resistant due to their manufacturing process. The AR coating is baked or fused onto the lens using
a layering process bonding the layer to the surface creating a very hard and scratch resistanct lens.

There are several options to choose from when deciding which Anti-reflective coating you want for your new prescription
eyeglasses or replacement lenses for your own frame. Premium Anti-Reflective Coatings such as Crizal® offer several
options and is the best name brand of AR coatings available and designed to provide superior vision and clarity.

Granted the Good Housekeeping seal of approval by the Good Housekeeping Institutes laboratories Crizal lenses have
built-in scratch and smudge resistance reduces glare for nighttime driving, computer screen glare, tablets, and smartphones. Whichever Crizal® you choose you can be confident you are getting the best Anti-reflective product available.

How much do Crizal® Lenses Cost?                                      See our lens price list


Genuine Crizal® Lenses

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Essilor Crizal lenses are prescribed to most patients across the world with the goal to ensure that they experience the clearest vision possible via the lenses they wear. However, Crizal lenses can offer much more than just clear vision.

Crizal lenses are known for their anti-glare technology. The technology minimizes glare for wearers, which makes wearing the glasses a lot more comfortable. That’s why it is perfect for just about anyone but in particular for people who:

  • Want the clearest possible vision (who doesn’t )
  • Protection from smudging and scratches
  • Reduces glare when driving at night
  • Protects against light sources which are damaging
  • Reduces reflections from digital screens and lights

How are Essilor Crizal® Lenses Produced?
Crizal lenses are produced in nine steps:

  • The lenses are automatically stripped and cleaned using an abrasive material across the surface. Doing this allows for the best possible adhesion of the hard coat.
  • The scratch-resistant hard coat is then applied to the lens. The coating, which is a polymer matrix along with silica particles, makes the lenses scratch-resistant on both sides.
  • The surface of the lens is then cleaned thoroughly again by bombarding it with ions. It also ensures the maximum adhesion of the soon to follow Anti-Reflective coating, which is what gives the lens its anti-glare properties.
  • The next step involves applying Essilor’s scratch-resistant coating, which mainly consists of a thick silica gel layer that’s applied in a vacuum chamber in between the hard coat and the anti-reflective coat.
  • The anti-reflective layers are then added to maximize glare resistance. The lens is then flipped over, and UV protection is then layered on top to protect the wearer against UV rays.
  • The anti-particulate layer is then applied between the anti-reflective layers, which give the lens its anti-static properties and its ability to repel dirt and dust.
  • The HSD or High Surface Density layer consisting of fluorinated molecules are then applied to the front and back of the surface. This specific layer helps give the lens its water and oil repelling properties making it immensely easy to clean.
  • Many sellers of Crizal eyeglass lenses online will talk about a Patented Pad Control System. This is a temporary layer that helps in blocking and edging of the lenses. A lens without this layer is so slippery that blocking and edging isn’t possible.
  • Finally, a single lens from every batch is systematically put through a battery of tests in a laboratory to ensure that the quality is consistent with Crizal® anti-glare lenses’ standards.

The Latest Line of Crizal® Products
Crizal manufactures several different lens products. However, before you can choose a product, it is essential to know the difference
between each.

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Crizal Easy UV™
Crizal Easy UV offers durability and ease of cleaning as compared to regular lenses. These are the lowest priced Crizal eyeglass lenses online that provide great glare reduction has water-repelling capabilities, resists smudges and scratches as well as boasts of excellent UV protection.

Crizal Easy UV™ No-Glare lenses are just that - Easy to clean! Introducing Crizal Easy UV™ a No-Glare lens that offers glare and scratch protection, along with smudge resistance that’s superior to every competitor’s No-Glare lens on the market today. In addition, Crizal Easy UV lenses are scratch-resistant and durable to withstand life's daily wear. Crizal Easy UV features the most complete daily UV protection for clear lenses with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25 so you can protect your eyes from UV reflections like you would protect your skin. Crizal Easy UV lenses provide superior vision over standard lenses.

More light for sight! Crisper, clearer vision providing you all the visual benefits needed to see your best

• Combat Digital Drain! Fewer headaches and less tired eyes due to overhead lights or extended computer use
• Stay Clean! Repels oils, water and is smudge-resistant. Less work to keep glasses clean, so your kids will enjoy wearing them more

Crizal Alize UV™
The Alize UV™ is one of the best, if not the best glare-reducing lenses that are very easy to clean. It, like other Crizal lenses, boasts of water repulsion, scratch resistance, and smudge resistance.

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Crizal Avance UV™
The Crizal Avance Lenses happens to be the very first Crizal product with dust repelling features and an SR Booster layer. The SR Booster makes the lenses 2x more resistant to scratches compared to the Easy UV™ and  Alize UV™. Not to mention improved visual clarity.
Protect Your Eyes: Crizal Avance UV provides the best UV protection for clear lenses with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25 so you can take care of your long-term eye health.1 Crizal Avancé UV lenses - The Most
Significant Breakthrough in Scratch Resistance, Outperforming Every Competitive No-Glare Lens on the Market today.

Protect Your Vision: Enjoy a world free of fingerprints, scratches, and smudges with Crizal Avancé UV™ lenses

Crizal® Prevencia®
Prevencia happens to be a rather odd addition to the lineup because it has all the features of the other lenses but with a bonus. It was initially marketed as being the first no-glare lens to filter harmful blue light. It continues to be one of the best features of these lenses, especially in modern times, when everything we do is somehow associated with computers and other digital products with a screen. So, the result is that a wearer only receives the “not so harmful light” which for many ends up reducing eye fatigue.

How much Do Crizal Prevencia lenses cost? Generally, they will cost an average of $96.00 to $160. What you end up paying for these lenses will vary depending on several factors like prescription, your location, etc.       Lens price list